About Trilogy Insurance Group

Jona Baldwin

Licensed Agent

Jona graduated from the University of Missouri- Saint Louis in 2013 with a degree in Criminology and minor in Accounting.  After graduating, she was offered a position not in her field but, which led her to where she is now, helping others solve their insurance problems.  She was the administrator of an oral surgery practice and worked with patients and their insurance everyday.  This was a great foundation for learning the ever-changing and often times challenging, world of insurance!


In 2018, Jona took a significant step forward by becoming a licensed insurance agent, joining the Healthcare Solutions Team. Her dedication and skill quickly shone through, leading to her becoming a partner in the firm in 2021. Building on these successes, Jona founded Trilogy Insurance Group. This venture was a culmination of her experience and passion for helping others with their insurance needs. Trilogy Insurance Group embodies her commitment to providing personalized, knowledgeable insurance solutions to a diverse clientele.
Jona loves the Saint Louis Cardinals and going to baseball games but her greatest love is spending time with her husband Sean and their three young boys; Lucas, Layne, and Ledger.  


She considers being a mom her greatest accomplishment thus far. Jona is a resident of Missouri and is also licensed in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Texas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Colorado.